The following is a checklist to help you fully prepare for your entire movie series or individual movie event. The intervals listed below are suggested based on information from other successful programs. Feel free to adjust these timeline as needed for your event.

Planning for Event

Reserve rooms or outdoor space for your show dates. Discuss type of event you are seeking based on attendance, location, date and other specifics.Book your event with Twilight Features.

30 - 35 Days Prior to Show

Plan your advertising and promotional campaign(s). Seek out as much free advertising as possible with community calendars and your list of contacts. Select and organize event staff as needed.

15 Days Prior to Show

Distribute flyers for individual shows. Send reminder emails, posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Notify local newspapers with a press release about your event.

10 Days Prior to Show

Double-check to see if any last minute details need to be addressed. Submit your slide show graphics and sponsor information to Twilight Features with a text list. Verify the facility and all technical requirements. Is everything ready? Call Twilight Features to discuss pending event needs. Make sure we have the correct contact number for the day of the event.

2 Days Prior to Show

Hold a meeting for your committee or staff. Provide a timeline of the event. Double-check arrival times of event staff and make sure everyone knows their role. Check to find out if any announcements should be made prior to the show. When applicable, make sure you plan to mention event sponsors and contributors.

Day of Show

Make sure your sprinklers are shut off, please!Brief event staff and distribute necessary materials. Provide a place for your guests to deposit their trash. If you are able, please turn off the lights at the venue during the movie. If there are ticket sales – Prepare box office for rush. Be sure to have plenty of change and tickets.

Night of Show

Twilight Features will help you give away prizes and draw for any raffles. Address the audience and announce other upcoming events (or Twilight Features can do it for you). Be certain necessary personnel are on duty until their appointed time ends.

Now, you can enjoy yourself... Twilight Features will handle the rest!