Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an event cost to produce?

We have multiple packages with our various screens, high quality projectors, and sound systems designed to fit any budget.
Each event’s price is also based on many variables:

  • The frequency of use (large discounts are given for weekly, monthly, seasonal and events on consecutive days)
  • Labor hours – typical outdoor movie events from setup to strike are 5-6 hours (2-3 hours for movie and pre-show entertainment and less than an hour setup and strike) If the customer would like the screen setup earlier to attract a larger audience an additional labor will be clearly stated in your custom proposal, no surprise fees.
  • The size of your audience will affect cost for licensing and sound system size.
  • The type of media presented: No Additional charge for digital presentations on DVD or Blu-ray – High Definition…currently most popular selection (Yes!…There is a difference with our HD and you can notice it on our high quality real cinematic screen surface!) 16mm and 35mm film projection also available for additional costs.
  • The location for your event – Parking lot, beach, grass field, pool area, muddy swamp? Some locations require different types of screen anchoring when staking into the ground is unavailable, using water ballasts or drilling maybe a better alternative. Is there a water source or hose connect nearby? To ensure safe screen operation every outdoor screen regardless of its design must be anchored sufficiently!
  • Travel costs. Any hotel/fuel travel fees are included in original quote.

Help cover event costs by presenting sponsor information, advertising & commercials prior to the show.

Twilight Features is committed to providing the highest quality performance at competitive prices and offer a price guarantee:

Our inflatable screen equipment include real cinematic screens on heavy duty inflatable structures (capable of withstanding winds of up to 26mph), high power LCD projectors, and paired with a heart-pounding crystal clear sound system…at Twilight Features Inc. (TFI) we want to earn your business. TFI will match any competitor’s price and give you an additional 15% off*. (*certain restrictions apply…must compare similar equipment including actual screen surface area and wind rating, projector brightness, travel costs and of course sound system).

What screen sizes do you carry?

Twilight Features carries many screen sizes with various display ratios to fit your event needs…and with our strategic partner network we have sizes up to 100+ feet wide!

Current in house screen sizes (W X H), aspect ratios, and suggested audience size:

(16:9) 10′ X 5.75′ fast fold aluminum screen for indoor events
(16:9) 9′ X 5′ Inflatable Screen
(16:9) 16′ X 9′ Heavy Duty Inflatable AIRSCREEN
(4:3) 15′ X 20′ Light Duty Inflatable Screen
(4:3) 15′ X 20′ Heavy Duty Inflatable AIRSCREEN
(16:9) 24′ X 13’6″ Heavy Duty Inflatable AIRSCREEN AEROPRO
(2:1) 40′ X 20′ Heavy Duty Inflatable AIRSCREEN

Audience Size: Up to 100
Audience Size: Up to 50
Audience Size: 250 to 300
Audience Size: 300 to 800
Audience Size: 300 to 800
Audience Size: 500 to 1500
Audience Size: 1250+

*Other sizes are available by request up to over 115 feet high!

*IMPORTANT: Our screen sizes are measured by width of the actual picture size, not the overall structure size and are available in widths of 10, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 52, 66, 80, up to more than 115 foot wide (this is the actual picture viewing area)! Others may claim they have larger screens by adding the entire width of the inflatable frame to their picture area. It’s a good idea to ask what the surface area (width X height) of the screen is when comparing. Additionally, all of our AIRSCREENs can withstand winds of up to 26mph especially important when your event is located near a lake or on the beach. Large inflatable structures can act like sails and can endanger your audience if not installed properly or carry inadequate wind ratings and your event can be compromised.

What happens if rain threatens your scheduled event?

Upon planning your event, Twilight Features will work with your organization to pre-schedule a rain date or select an alternate location…Our unique weather guarantee ensures you will not pay for services when rainy weather affects your event…in most cases as long as the event is rescheduled to another available date within 90 days you will only incur a small rescheduling fee which will cover lost labor hours. Also since our screens can withstand 26mph winds you can feel secure in knowing that high winds are rarely a problem.


How safe and stable are your screens?

Even our largest screen is capable of withstanding up to 26mph winds. All screens are fixed or staked into the ground using metal stakes similar to ones used to secure large tents. T.F.I. will maintain a safe “No Go Zone” around our equipment and clearly cone out equipment areas.

Although we are based in South Florida, Twilight Features will travel to much of the state of Florida. In the areas we do not service we can lead you to our strategic partners throughout North America.

How far will you travel?

Although we are based in South Florida, Twilight Features will travel to much of the state of Florida. In the areas we do not service we can lead you to our strategic partners throughout North America.

What type of media can you display on your screens?

Almost any type of media either in digital or non-digital format may be displayed on our screens. Pictures, Videos, Animations, Slideshow, PowerPointTM Presentations, Video Games, Live Video via Video Cameras, High Definition Blu-ray and much more!

What is the setup/breakdown time for each event?

The 1 & 2 Story Tall System usually takes from 30-45 minutes to setup and strike. Our largest system will take approximately 2-3 hours to set up and less to strike.

What are your requirements for power?

T.F.I. Equipment requires (3-4) 15 or 20 amp circuits depending on the outdoor movie screen and system size.


How can you show a movie in public legally?

T.F.I. obtains all licenses required to legally host your movies.

Do you supply generation equipment?

Our super quiet portable Honda generators have electronic inverters that protect the expensive electronic equipment from surges and are available when power at the setup location is unavailable or insufficient.

What types of companies use T.F.I. to produce their events?

Corporations for their company outings, Radio Stations, Hotels & Resorts, Parks & Recreation Centers, Municipalities, Promotional Agencies, Stadiums & Other Large venues, YMCA and other Clubs, Colleges & Universities, Public & Private Schools, Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Stadiums, Amphitheaters, Convention Centers, and other creative entities.

Twilight Features is Florida’s 1st professional turn-key outdoor cinema company, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Twilight specializes in presenting quality indoor & outdoor cinema on giant inflatable screens, equipment rentals throughout Florida, and sales worldwide. From Movies Under the Stars to Drive-in Movies to Film Festivals Technical Services, Twilight Features is sure to meet your special event needs. With over 2,500 events since 2005, it’s no wonder why we’re the most trusted source in Florida for event professionals and Hollywood movie premieres.